Crab sculpture in Chaofa Park
Krabi Activities

Chaofa Park, Krabi Town

Chaofah Park, also written as Chaofah Park, is a riverfront park in the centre of Krabi Town. Chaofah Park is a public park which is open all hours and admission is free. The park is, [Read more…]

Stage at Krabi Town Walking Street
Krabi Activities

Walking Street, Krabi Town

Walking Street is the liveliest of the three night markets which take place in Krabi Town with not only stalls selling a wide range of products, but also stalls selling food, a live music stage [Read more…]

Riverside night market in Krabi Town
Krabi Activities

Krabi Night Market, Krabi Town

Krabi Night Market is a riverside food market located between the road and Chao Fah Park in Krabi Town centre. Krabi Night Market is one of the most pleasant places to eat outside in the [Read more…]

The Good Corner Restaurant in Udon Thani
Udon Thani Restaurants

The Good Corner Restaurant, Udon Thani

The Good Corner Restaurant is a restaurant specialising in Western food located near to the railway station and night market in Udon Thani. Of the places I have eaten Western style food in Udon Thani [Read more…]

Entrance to Udon Thani Night Market
Udon Thani Activities

Udon Thani Night Market

Located next to Udon Thani Railway Station you will find three night market grouped together on the crossroads where the Tongyai Road meets the Prajak Sillapkom Road. Udon Thani’s night markets start up from 17:00 [Read more…]

Duang Jai Seafood Restaurant
Hua Hin Restaurants

Duang Jai Seafood in Hua Hin

Duang Jai Seafood is one of the open-air seafood restaurants in Hua Hin Night Market. There are many open-air seafood restaurants in Hua Hin Night Market which are very similar in price but Duang Jai [Read more…]


Review of the Chaba Chalet, Hua Hin

I had three main reasons for booking this hotel: Chaba Chalet is close to Hua Hin Railway Station (300 metres) Chaba Chalet is close to Hua Hin Night Market (250 metres) Chaba Chalet represents excellent [Read more…]