U-Thong Hotel in Phitsanulok
Phitsanulok Hotels

U-Thong Hotel, Phitsanulok

The U-Thong Hotel is one of the better budget hotels in Phitsanulok in the Northern region of Thailand. Good points about U-Thong Hotel The U-Thong Hotel is a 90 room purpose built hotel with a [Read more…]

SF Biz Hotel in Khon Kaen
Khon Kaen Hotels

SF Biz Hotel, Khon Kaen

The SF Biz Hotel is a 150 room hotel with extensive catering and entertaining facilities located near Khon Kaen Railway Station and the Chao Por Lak Muang Khon Kaen Shrine, in the centre of Khon [Read more…]

The Good Corner Restaurant in Udon Thani
Udon Thani Restaurants

The Good Corner Restaurant, Udon Thani

The Good Corner Restaurant is a restaurant specialising in Western food located near to the railway station and night market in Udon Thani. Of the places I have eaten Western style food in Udon Thani [Read more…]

Entrance to Udon Thani Night Market
Udon Thani Activities

Udon Thani Night Market

Located next to Udon Thani Railway Station you will find three night market grouped together on the crossroads where the Tongyai Road meets the Prajak Sillapkom Road. Udon Thani’s night markets start up from 17:00 [Read more…]