Cooked sticky rice and sweetcorn parcels
Thai Dishes

Khanom Khao Pod

Khanom Khao Pod is a well known sweet snack in Thailand made with ground sticky rice and sweet corn as the main ingredients. There are many different variations on the recipe but the one I [Read more…]

Khao Nio Khai Tort
Thai Dishes

Sticky rice fried in egg

This is a traditional breakfast food in the North East of Thailand and a dish my wife used to cook when she and the other children finished their chores on the farm each day¬†before school. [Read more…]

Sticky rice steaming
Thai Dishes

How Thai people cook sticky rice

You may have read about how Thailand is divided country, with opposing groups of people some of whom identify themselves as ‘Yellow Shirts’ and other who identify them as ‘Red Shirts’. However, there is a [Read more…]