Som Tam is a papaya salad dish from South East Asia
Food and drink

Som Tam (papaya salad)

Som tam is the Thai name for a sour and spicy salad most frequently made with thin slices of green papaya. Som tam comes in a variety of different styles using different ingredients although they [Read more…]

Unfortunately Thai Baht does not really grow on trees
Living in Thailand

Cost of Living in Thailand

Thailand’s currency has appreciated dramatically in comparison to those of richer countries over the past few years, and its economy has also grown strongly, with the result that the cost of living in Thailand is [Read more…]

Yaksha guardian warrior at Phae City Pillar Shrine
Phrae Activities

City Pillar Shrine, Phrae

Phrae City Pillar Shrine is an important local landmark located opposite the Khum Chao Luang in Phrae city centre. Phrae City Pillar Shrine is open during daylight hours and admission is free. About Phrae City Pillar [Read more…]

Wat Kham Chanot
Udon Thani Activities

Wat Kham Chanot, Udon Thani

Wat Kham Chanot, also known as Wat Chanod, is Buddhist temple in Udon Thani Province near Ban Kham Chanot village. The temple is very known amongst Thai people and attracts visitors from all other the [Read more…]

Did someone simply forget that they owned this boat?
Thai Society

Rubbish in Thailand

Thailand is a great place, however, its full of rubbish and I am not talking about the low quality fake products you can buy in markets here, or indeed even the unpleasant unwanted unregistered and [Read more…]

Khao Nio Khai Tort
Thai Dishes

Sticky rice fried in egg

This is a traditional breakfast food in the North East of Thailand and a dish my wife used to cook when she and the other children finished their chores on the farm each day before school. [Read more…]

Sticky rice steaming
Thai Dishes

How Thai people cook sticky rice

You may have read about how Thailand is divided country, with opposing groups of people some of whom identify themselves as ‘Yellow Shirts’ and other who identify them as ‘Red Shirts’. However, there is a [Read more…]