Thailand’s Secret Destinations: Part 1 (Haad Nam Tok, Koh Phangan)

For many people their holiday dream is to find their own deserted tropical beach – their own personal slice of paradise to be enjoyed in isolation away from the hordes of other tourists who now come to Thailand all year round.

Haad Nam Tok is That Deserted Beach

If you are the same then the first of our Secret Destinations in Thailand is exactly the right place for you: Haad Nam Tok in Koh Phangan.

Haad Namtok, Koh Phangan

Waterfall Beach

Haad Nam Tok means ‘Waterfall Beach’, and there is indeed a waterfall which flows down to this beach. When this photograph was taken it was May and there was not much water in the stream feeding the waterfall. From September to January it is a lot more impressive as the stream has a lot more water.

Haad Nam Tok waterfall

Difficult to Reach

Haad Nam Tok is not an easy place to get to. You cannot get a bus or taxi there. The only way to do it is to rent a jeep or motorbike and walk the last two kilometres down an increasingly steep track. The last part of the path has a rope in place as the track becomes very steep with loose stones.

Path to Haad Nam Tok

Getting to Haad Nam Tok

To get to Haad Nam Tok from Thong Sala, the main ferry port in Koh Phangan, you go along the Baan Tai Road and take the turning up towards Thong Nai Pan. Follow the road up the hill past the elephant trekking and Jungle Flight. About 500 metres further on there is a right hand side turning to Haad Nam Tok on a dirt road which looks as though it goes absolutely nowhere other than deep into the jungle. The turning has sign for ‘Kung Bungalows’. Haad Nam Tok is about 4 km down this road.

Road to Haad Nam Tok

The First Part of The Journey After You Leave The Concrete Road

The first two kilometres of the road is easy enough to drive on a scooter or in a jeep. Go straight and ignore the newly built turning on the left about 1 kilometre down the road as this leads to the construction site for Koh Phangan Airport. When the road starts to get very steep (as in the picture above) park your car or bike and start walking. if you take a car or bike further down you never be able to drive it back up – the road is too steep and the surface turns into sand and loose rock. From this point it is a 30 minutes walk. Bring water and food as there is nothing to buy at Haad Nam Tok.

Camping at Haad Nam Tok

Camping At Haad Nam Tok

Few people make it to Nam Tok, and the vast majority of those who do come on a day trip. However, it is possible to camp there over night. Bring your own tent, cooking equipment, food, drink and a torch.

Big rock at Haad Nam Tok beach

Swimming at Haad Nam Tok

The water is good for swimming although be careful to check it is high tide before considering jumping off the big rock – if it is low tide there may not be enough water and you could hurt yourself.

Location of Haad Nam Tok

Google Map of Haad Nam Tok

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