Travel from Pak Chong to Bangkok

There are two ways to get from Pak Chong to Bangkok:

  • Option 1: Take a train to Bangkok.
  • Option 2: Take a minivan to Bangkok.

Trains from Pak Chong to Bangkok

There are 10 direct train services a day from Pak Chong to Bangkok.

Pak ChongBangkokTrain No.Service
01:3105:1524Special Express
19:4822:5522Special Express

Minivan Times from Pak Chong to Bangkok

There are 4 minivan services a day from Pak Chong to Bangkok which you can book online. Travel by minivan tends to be quicker and more reliable than travel by train because of the frequent delays on Thailand’s railway network.

Pak ChongBangkokTicket
07:0010:00250 THB
10:0013:00250 THB
12:0015:00250 THB
17:0020:00250 THB

  • Minivan services from Pak Chong terminate at Morchit New Van Terminal.
  • The minivan operator on this route is Pakchong Carrent 2009.

Buy Tickets from Pak Chong to Bangkok

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Only minivan tickets are currently available to book online. If you want to buy a train ticket from Pak Chong to Bangkok you need to go to a train station in Thailand.

Location of Pak Chong Train Station

Google Map of Pak Chong Railway Station

Location of Pak Chong Minivan Station

Minivan services to Bangkok depart from a minivan station on the opposite side of the road to Pak Chong Night Market.

Google Map of Pak Chong Bus Station

Location of Bangkok Train Station

Google Map of Bangkok Train Station

Location of Bangkok Minivan Terminal

Google Map of Bangkok Train Station

Travel in Bangkok

Morchit New Van Terminal is located to the north of Bangkok city centre near to the Northern Bus Terminal. Morchit New Van Terminal is not connected to Bangkok’s rapid transport system and for onward travel in Bangkok your best option is to take a meter taxi from the taxi rank in the main terminal, a short walk away, to either Chatuchak MRT (metro) station or Mo Chit BTS (skytrain) station. On the meter a taxi to either destination should cost between 50 and 60 THB. It is not a long way. Alternatively you can catch a bus direct to Don Mueang Airport. There are frequent departures on the A1 shuttle bus from the Northern Bus Terminal to Don Mueang Airport. The fare is 30 THB and the journey to the airport takes around 40 minutes.

Morchit New Van Terminal
Morchit New Van Terminal

Onward travel in Bangkok is much more straightforward from Bangkok’s main railway station, Hua Lamphong Station, where trains from Pak Chong terminate. There is a metro station underneath the train station. By metro you can connect with the BTS (skytrain) network and also the Airport Link to Suvarnabhumi Airport. You can also take a meter taxi from Hua Lamphong Railway Station from the taxi rank outside the station or even a bus although we don’t recommend either of these options because unless you are travelling a very short distance the journey is likely to take a lot longer by road than by metro because the traffic in China Town where Hua Lamphong Train Station is located is notoriously bad.

Bangkok Train Station
Bangkok Train Station

If your next destination after Bangkok Train Station is the area around the Khao San Road you can take a Chao Phraya Express Boat (if you arrive in Bangkok during daylight hours where the boats operate). Its a 1.2 km walk from the train station to Pier No 4 (the Marine Department Pier) on the Chao Phraya Express Boat network. From Pier 4 take any boat heading north and alight at Pier 13 (Phra Arthit Pier) which is on the Phra Arthit Road. From Pier 13 its a 750 metre walk to the western end of the Khao San Road. The boat fare will be less than 20 THB.

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