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By bus the journey from Bangkok to Phrae is scheduled to take from 8 to 15 hours depending upon which bus service you take.

Bus Times from Bangkok to Phrae

There are currently 11 direct bus services a day from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal to Phrae available to book online.

10:4519:00Gold ClassNakhonchai Air฿ 596
14:3022:30ExpressBudsarakham Tour฿ 627
17:0001:00VIPBudsarakham Tour฿ 627
17:3008:00StandardTransport Co฿ 712
18:3009:00StandardTransport Co฿ 621
19:3010:00StandardTransport Co฿ 646
20:0010:30StandardTransport Co฿ 512
20:3004:30ExpressBudsarakham Tour฿ 627
20:3004:35VIP 33Sombat Tour฿ 800
21:4505:45Gold ClassNakhonchai Air฿ 596
22:1506:15Gold ClassNakhonchai Air฿ 596

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Location of Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal

Read more about Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal which is also known as Morchit Bus Terminal.

Google Map of Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal

Location of Phrae Bus Station

Read more about Phrae Bus Terminal.

Google Map of Phrae Bus Station

About Travel to Phrae

Phrae is a fascinating and ‘off the beaten track’ destination in the Northern Region of Thailand to the south of the better known city of Chiang Mai. Phrae is a fairly small town with a population of under 20,000 permanent residents, which is main settlement of Phrae Province.

History of Phrae

Phrae has a long history as independent state which, due to it small size, frequently experienced periods when it had to accept being partially controlled by other larger neighbouring kingdoms, such as the Lanna Kingdom of Chiang Mai. Exactly when Phrae was founded as an independent state is not known for sure, although some historians speculate that it was established as long as go as the 7th Century as part of the Hariphunchai Kingdom, whose capital was nearby Lamphun.

Kings of Phrae

Phrae had ancestral rulers, effectively kings, until as late as late at 1902 when the last ‘King of Phrae’ fled an invasion by the Burmese. Thereafter, Phrae became part of the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand). In Phrae town centre there are two very well preserved former residences of Phrae ruling family which are open to visitors as museums: the Vongburi House and the Khum Chao Luang.

Khum Chao Luang in Phrae
Khum Chao Luang in Phrae
Teak Houses

The other thing Phrae is well know for is its teak forests. The Vongburi House and the Khum Chao Luang, along with lots of other older houses in Phrae, are made from teak wood. The hills around Phrae are covered in teak forests although to a lesser extent than they were during the 19th Century when Phrae was one of the main producers of teak in the world.

Cost to the Local Environment

Phrae’s ruling family became very rich from the teak logging industry although this came at a massive cost to the local environment, with the cutting down of the forest leading to the near extinction of much of the indigenous wildlife, particularly the once abundant tigers and leopards. The teak industry in Phrae is now heavily regulated with a limited number of licences to cut down teak trees being granted. A trip outside in the town in a car or a motorbike is highly recommended, with teak forests clearly visible on the hillsides that surround the town.

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