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The journey from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son is long, 6 hours, but enjoyable because of the great scenery on route. We recommend that you take one of the departures before midday to ensure you can complete the journey during daylight hours.

Bus Times from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son

There are currently 6 direct services a day from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son available to book online.

Chiang MaiMae Hong SonTicketCompany
08:3014:30฿ 340Prem Pracha
09:3015:30฿ 340Prem Pracha
10:3016:30฿ 340Prem Pracha
12:3018:30฿ 340Prem Pracha
13:3019:30฿ 340Prem Pracha
14:3020:30฿ 340Prem Pracha
  • The journey by minivan from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son is scheduled to take 6 hours 00 minutes.

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Chiang Mai Bus Stop

Prem Pracha minivan services Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son depart from Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2.

Google Map of Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2

Mae Hong Son Bus Stop

Prem Pracha minivan services from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son terminate at Mae Hong Son Bus Station.

Google Map of Mae Hong Son Bus Station

About Mae Hong Son

The small town of Mae Hong Son, with a population of just over 7,000 permanent residents, is the principal town of the mountainous and sparsely population province of Mae Hong Son.

What’s special about Mae Hong Son

Up until 1893 Mae Hong Son was part of Myanmar. The Shan people of Myanmar are the largest ethnic group in the province, with hill tribe groups accounting for around two thirds of the remainder of the population. Mae Hong Son may be in Thailand, but the food and culture is different to the much of the rest of Thailand, particularly the Central region.

The employment opportunities in Mae Hong Son are limited for local people and even more so for the many stateless people who came to live in this area having fled from persecution and poverty in Myanmar. Mae Hong Son doesn’t get so many tourists because it is difficult to get there. The income brought by those who do make it is extremely important to resident of this province and they are, in return, very welcoming to visitors.

Karen stallholder in Mae Hong Son
Karen stallholder in Mae Hong Son
Hotels and restaurants in Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son town itself has some fairly good guesthouses, hotels, bars and restaurants, many of which represent excellent value for money. The principal reason for coming to Mae Hong Son, however, is to enjoy the spectacular scenery and tranquillity of this remote hilly Western corner of Thailand.

Attractions in Mae Hong Son

Some of the highlights of a visit to Mae Hong Son include:

  • The Bamboo Bridge: 900 metre long walkway across paddy fields connecting a temple and a village.
  • Pha Sua Waterfall: 6 level waterfall considered by many to be the best waterfall in the province.
  • Phuklon Mud Spa: Inexpensive beauty treatments using mud.
  • Tham Pla: This is the ‘Fish Cave’ which has a pool of water with thousands of small fish in it.
  • Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu: Picturesque temple on a hill with great views across Mae Hong Son town.

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