Travel from Chiang Mai to Phrae

There are two ways to travel by public transport from Chiang Mai to Phrae:

  • Take a train to Den Chai then a local bus to Phrae.
  • Take a direct bus service.

The fastest way to travel by public transport from Chiang Mai to Phrae is to take a direct bus.

Bus Times from Chiang Mai to Phrae

There is currently 1 direct bus service a day from Chiang Mai to Phrae available to book online.

Chiang MaiPhraeTicketCompany
12:3016:40฿ 282GreenBus
  • The journey by bus from Chiang Mai to Phrae is scheduled to take 4 hours 10 minutes.

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Location of Chiang Mai Bus Station

Bus services to Phrae depart from Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3.

Google Map of Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3

Location of Phrae Bus Station

Bus services from Chiang Mai to Phrae terminate at Phrae Bus Station.

Google Map of Phrae Bus Station

About Phrae

Phrae is charming small town of around 18,000 permanent residents set within an area of outstanding natural beauty notable for its hills covered in Thailand’s largest teak forests. Phrae is a moderately popular tourist destination, particularly for Thai tourists. The town of Phrae has a very laid back atmosphere with small city centre night market and not much else in the way of nightlife.

History of Phrae

What Phrae does have, however, is a long history. The Province of Phrae used to an independent state with its own ancestral rulers, who reigned as kings and queens in all but name. Phrae used to be a very prosperous place because of the teak forests in the area.

Teak Forests

Teak was a major commodity in the 19th Century and some local people became very rich from the trade, in particular the ruling family of Phrae which built two magnificent teak mansions in the centre of Phrae town: the Vongburi House and the Khum Chao Luang. These two teak mansions are open to visitors and are the most popular tourist attractions in the town.

Khum Chao Luang in Phrae
Khum Chao Luang in Phrae
Teak Houses in Phrae

There are also lots of smaller teak houses from the 19th Century dotted around Phrae town, some of which have been transformed into guest houses.

Other Places of Interest in Phrae

Other notable places of interest in Phrae town include Phrae City Pillar Shrine, Wat Phong Sunan, Phrae Museum, the Wichai Ratcha residence and the Pratabjai House.

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