Travel from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai

The only way to travel direct by public transport from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai is to take a bus. The journey is scheduled to take 5 hours 30 minutes.

Bus Times from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai

There are currently 2 direct bus services a day from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai available to book online.

Chiang MaiSukhothaiTicketCompany
12:5018:20570 THBTour with Thai
15:0020:30570 THBTour with Thai

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Chiang Mai Bus Stop

Read more about Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2.

Google Map of Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2

Sukhothai Bus Stop

Read more about Sukhothai Bus Terminal.

Google Map of Sukhothai Bus Terminal

About Travel to Sukhothai

Sukhothai is a town with two parts.

Sukhothai New Town

Sukhothai Thani, also known as Sukhothai New Town, is located close to Sukhothai Bus Terminal. Sukhothai Thani has araound 40,000 inhabitants and plenty of hotels and restaurants.

The New Town is a short taxi journey from the bus terminal, and there is also a local bus service from Sukhothai Bus Terminal to the centre of Sukhothai Thani which costs 10 THB per person.

Sukhothai Old Town

Sukhothai Old Town, sometimes simply referred to as Sukhothai, is located 12 km to the West of Sukhothai New Town. Sukhothai Old Town is adjacent to Sukhothai Historical Park. The Old Town also has hotels and restaurants.

The accommodation options are more costly and more luxurious than those in Sukhothai New Town. The food and drink is also more expensive in Sukhothai Old Town, and the range of places to eat is less extensive than those in Sukhothai Thani.

The cheapest way to travel from Sukhothai Bus Terminal to Sukhothai Old Town is to take the local tourist bus service. It depart from inside the bus station and costs only 30 THB person.

There are lots of old temples in Sukhothai Historical Park
There are lots of old temples in Sukhothai Historical Park
Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park is a major tourist attraction. The park covers an area of around 70 square kilometres, and contains 198 structures dating back to the period from 1238 to 1438 when Sukhothai was the most important city in Thailand.

The Sukhothai period is associated with a very distinctive artistic style, the most famous feature of which is the portrayal of the Lord Buddha with large eyes similar to those in modern representations of extraterrestrial life forms.

Visitor Information for Sukhothai Historical Park
  • Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00
  • Entrance Fee: 100 THB per person per section of the park
  • Bicycles: There is a charge of 10 THB per bicycle. Bikes can be rented nearby and the use of bicycles is encouraged
  • Zones in the Park: The park is split into 5 sections. The Central Zone is the most popular, and the nearby Northern Zone is the next most visited part of the park.

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