Travel from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok

There are two ways to travel by public transport from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok: by train or by bus. Both options take about the same time, however, there are more frequent minivan services which tends to make travel by minivan from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok the more convenient of the two options.

Train Times from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok

There are two daily train services from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok. Tickets for these services can only be purchased from the train station on the day of travel and cost 100 THB person for foreign travellers.

KanachanaburiBangkokTrain NoService

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Bus Times from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok

There are two different bus stations in Bangkok where services from Kanchanaburi terminate.

  • Minivan times from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal.
03:0006:00฿ 150Win Happy
03:3006:30฿ 150Win Happy
05:0008:00฿ 150Win Happy
07:0010:00฿ 150Win Happy
08:0011:00฿ 150Win Happy
09:0012:00฿ 150Win Happy
11:0014:00฿ 150Win Happy
13:0016:00฿ 150Win Happy
14:0017:00฿ 150Win Happy
15:0018:00฿ 150Win Happy
17:0020:00฿ 150Win Happy
18:0021:00฿ 150Win Happy
  • Minivan times from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal.
06:2009:40฿ 170Monsiri Travel
08:3011:50฿ 170Monsiri Travel
09:5013:10฿ 170Monsiri Travel
11:5015:10฿ 170Monsiri Travel
12:3015:50฿ 170Monsiri Travel
13:5017:10฿ 170Monsiri Travel
15:5019:10฿ 170Monsiri Travel
18:0021:20฿ 170Monsiri Travel

Kanchanaburi Bus Stop

Minivan services to Bangkok depart from Kanchanaburi Bus Station on the U-Thong Soi 6 Road.

Google Map of Kanchanaburi Bus Station

Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal

Win Happy minivan services from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok terminate at Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal.

Google Map of Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal

Monsiri Travel minivan services from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok terminate at Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal.

Google Map of Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal

About Travel to Bangkok

Whether you take a train or a minivan from Kanachanaburi to Bangkok none of the stations that you will arrive into are a short walking distance from either of Bangkok’s fast modern public transport systems, which are the BTS (over head electric trains) or the MRT (metro).

Suburban Light Railway Networks in Bangkok

The BTS and MRT networks are cheap and efficient and cover most of the city. The most inconvenient of the three stations you might arrive into from Kanchanaburi is the Southern Bus Terminal, which is located on the west side of the river (the popular parts of Bangkok are on the eastern side of the main river).

The closest BTS or MRT station is Bang Wa MRT station, which is 11.3 km from the Southern Bus Terminal and will cost around 80 THB in a meter taxi. From the Southern Bus Terminal most passengers choose to take a taxi all the way into Central Bangkok which will cost 150 to 200 THB depending on the time of day and the destination.

The Northern Bus Terminal is located much closer to Central Bangkok. In a taxi it takes 5 minutes and costs around 70 THB to reach either Chatuchak MRT or Mo Chit BTS stations.

Entrance to Wat Mangkon Kamalawat in Bangkok
Entrance to Wat Mangkon Kamalawat in Bangkok
Arrival by Train from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok

The point of arrival for trains from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok is Thonburi Railway Station, which is on the west side of the Chao Phraya River.

From Thonburi Railway you have three public transport options. The slowest and most complicated is to take local buses. A better option is to walk 1 km westward to Bang Khon Non MRT station. A third and more pleasant way to travel from Thonburi Railway Station into Central Bangkok is to walk 1 km eastwards to the Thonburi Railway Station Express Boat Pier and take a Chao Phraya Express Boat service.

Boats heading northward stop at the Phra Arthit Express Boat Pier which is easy walking distance from Khao San Road, alternatively you can take a boat south to the Central Express Boat Pier which is adjacent Saphan Taksin BTS and a short train ride away from the Silom Road and Siam Square, and from there you can change onto another line to reach the Sukhumvit Road.

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