Travel from Koh Chang to Bangkok

The easiest way to travel from Koh Chang to Bangkok is to take a joint bus and ferry service which takes passengers all the way from the ferry pier in Koh Chang to the centre of Bangkok. You can also do the journey independently by taking a ferry to the mainland, a shared taxi into Trat, and from Trat a bus to Bangkok but this will take a lot longer and cost about the same.

Travel Times to Bangkok

There are four joint ferry and bus or ferry and minivan services a day from Koh Chang to Bangkok which you can book online.

Koh ChangBangkokCompanyCost
09:0017:00Boonsiri High Speed Ferries600 THB
10:0020:00Travel Mart650 THB
10:0018:00Mama Travel and Tour630 THB
13:0020:00Boonsiri High Speed Ferries600 THB

Both services follow the same route:

  • Travel Mart services depart from Koh Chang Pier.
  • Boonsiri High Speed Ferries and Mama Travel and Tour services depart from Centre Point Pier.

Buy Tickets to Bangkok

Use the Search Box below to buy your tickets from Koh Chang to Bangkok:

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You can also book private taxi and minivan services from Koh Chang to Bangkok using the Search Box above.

Koh Chang Pier

  • Koh Chang Pier is one of two ferry pier on the island and the departure point for Travel Mart services.

Koh Chang Center Point Ferry Pier

  • Center Point Ferry Pier is the other major ferry pier on Koh Chang and the departure point for Boonsiri High Speed Ferries and Mama Travel and Tour services to Bangkok.

Travel Mart Bangkok Bus Stop

  • Travel Mart services from Koh Chang terminate at the Khao San Travel Mart Office at 51 Rongmai Alley, Chaofah Road.

Boonsiri High Speed Ferries Bangkok Bus Stop

  • Boonsiri High Speed Ferries services from Koh Chang terminate in front the Street Hostel at 63 Tani Road which is not far from the Khao San Road.

Mama Travel and Tour Bangkok Bus Stop

  • Mama Travel and Tour services from Koh Chang terminate at the Mama Travel and Tour office at 144 Khao San Road.

About Wat Pho

Wat Pho, also known as Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Rajwaramahawihan or Wat Photaram, is located in Central Bangkok and is considered one of the most important temples in Thailand. Part of the coronation ceremony for the Kings of Thailand takes place in Wat Pho, and the reconstruction of an older temple to create modern Wat Pho was carried out under direction of King Rama 1, the first king of Thailand’s current royal dynasty. Wat Pho is best known for its 46 metre long reclining gold Buddha statue which is housed within its own magnificent shrine hall, however, there is a lot more to Wat Pho than simply the reclining Buddha. Wat Pho covers an area of over 80,000 square metres and is treasure trove of interesting buildings and religious artwork as well as a place of learning. Wat Pho is open daily to visitors from 08:00 to 18:30 and admission costs 100 THB.

Wat Pho in Bangkok
Wat Pho in Bangkok

During the late 18th Century King Rama I embarked on a programme of bringing old Buddha images from town such as Ayutthaya and Sukhothai which had been ravaged by war and bringing them to Wat Pho. The most important of the several hundred images that were brought to Wat Pho is the magnificent Phra Buddha Deva Patimakorn statue which sits on three tiered golden pedestal under a nine-tiered golden umbrella in the main ordination hall of Wat Pho temple. During the coronation ceremony new kings of Thailand come to pay homage to this statue.

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