Travel from Koh Muk to Koh Kradan

By direct shared speed boat the journey from Koh Muk to Koh Kradan is scheduled to take 15 minutes.

Ferry Times from Koh Muk to Koh Kradan

There are currently 4 shared speed boat services a day from Koh Muk to Koh Kradan.

Koh MukKoh KradanTicketCompany
10:4511:00440 THBSiriLanta Speedboats
11:2011:35300 THBBundhaya Speed Boat
11:2011:35300 THBS.P.S.B.C
14:4515:00440 THBSiriLanta Speedboats

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Koh Muk Ferry Pier

  • Services from Koh Muk to Koh Kradan depart Koh Muk Pier on the North East side of the island.

Google Map of Koh Muk Pier

Koh Kradan Ferry Pier

  • Services from Koh Muk to Koh Kradan terminate at Koh Kradan Beach.

Google Map of Koh Kradan Beach

About Travel to Koh Kradan

Koh Kradan is a smaller and less developed island than Koh Muk measuring 3 km long by 1 km at its widest point, compared to Koh Muk which is 4 km long and 3 km wide. Koh Kradan has one main long beach on the East Coast of the island, which is where most of the island’s resorts are located including the Seven Seas Resort, which is Koh Kradan’s only luxury resort. Most of the other resorts, whilst more expensive than similar accommodation on Koh Muk, are very basic. Koh Kradan is also relatively expensive for food and drink, with nearly all the island’s restaurants and bars located within resorts.

Seven Seas Resort in Koh Kradan
Seven Seas Resort in Koh Kradan

The centre of Koh Kradan is largely undeveloped jungle. Koh Kradan is part of a national park and therefore protected from being cleared for agriculture. Nonetheless there are paths within the junlge connecting the main Kradan Beach to beaches on the West Coast such as Sunset Beach and Mali Sunset Beach. You can also walk south to Ao Nieng Beach on a path through the jungle. In terms of amenities, there are very few on Koh Kradan. For example, there are no medical facilities on Koh Kradan and no ATM machine. There are minimarts in the centre and North end of Koh Kradan Beach but no main shopping street or branded store, such as 7-Eleven. The main activity on the island is enjoying the clear sea waters, pristine beaches, and snorkelling above the reefs that are located a short distance from the beach on the East Coast of the island.

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