Travel from Mae Sot to Sukhothai

There are only two forms of public transport from Mae Sot to Sukhothai (which is located 169 km by road to the east): bus and taxi.

Bus Times from Mae Sot to Sukhothai

There is one direct bus service a day from Mae Sot to Sukhothai available to book online.

Mae SotSukhothaiTicketCompany
18:3021:30฿ 256Phet Prasert
  • Journey Time: 3 hours 00 minutes
  • Departure Point: Mae Sot Bus Station
  • Arrival Point: Sukhothai Bus Terminal

Bus Tickets from Mae Sot to Sukhothai

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Location of Mae Sot Bus Station

  • Address: Tha Sai Luat, Mae Sot District, Tak 63110.

Google Map of Mae Sot Bus Station

Location of Sukhothai Bus Terminal

  • Address: Khuhasuwan Road, Pak Khwae Subdistrict, Mueang Sukhothai, Pak Khwae, Mueang, Sukhothai 64000.

Google Map of Sukhothai Bus Terminal

About Travel to Sukhothai

Bus services from Mae Sot to Sukhothai stop at Sukhothai Bus Terminal, which is near Sukhothai Thani, also known as Sukhothai New Town. Sukhothai Thani has a population of just under 40,000 permanent residents and a fairly good range of hotels and restaurants.

Travel from the Bus Station

There is a local bus service from Sukhothai Bus Terminal into the centre of Sukhothai Thani which costs 10 THB per person. Sukhothai Thani is, however, 12 km to the west of Sukhothai Old Town where the main attraction in the area, Sukhothai Historical Park, is located. Sukhothai Old Town has some hotels nearby, and they tend to be more espensive, and not so many places to buy food. Visitors planning an overnight stay may wish to consider staying in Sukhothai Thani. There is another local bus service to Sukhothai Old Town which also departs from Sukhothai Bus Terminal and costs 30 THB per person.

Wat Tra Phang Ngoen in Sukhothai Historical Park
Wat Tra Phang Ngoen in Sukhothai Historical Park
Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park covers an area of approximately 70 square kilometres, featuring the remains of 198 buildings, most of which were temples. The area was the site of the ancient city of Sukhothai which was the first capital (from 1238 to 1438) of what later became known as the Kingdom Of Thailand. The historical park is split into 5 sections, entry into each of which costs 100 THB.

Zones in Sukhothai Historical Park

Because of the large size of the park you would struggle to see everything in one day, and most visitors tend to prioritise the Central Zone which is where the most famous of the ruins are located. The Central Zone of the historical park is surrounded by a rectangular perimeter wall measuring 2 km by 1.6 km, and contains 22 monuments. The nearby Northern Zone has a further 10 monuments, spread further apart, 2 of which are very popular. In order to see as much of the park as much many visitors choose to rent a bicycle.

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