Travel from Phayao to Chiang Mai

The journey by bus from Phayao to Chiang Mai is scheduled to take from 2 hours 55 minutes to 3 hours 15 minutes depending upon bus service you take.

Bus Times from Phayao to Chiang Mai

There are currently 5 bus services a day from Phayao to Chiang Mai available to book online.

PhayaoChiang MaiTicketCompany
08:0010:55฿ 244GreenBus
09:3012:45฿ 244GreenBus
12:0015:15฿ 244GreenBus
15:3018:25฿ 244GreenBus
17:0019:55฿ 244GreenBus

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Phayao Bus Station

Bus services from Phayao to Chiang Mai depart from Phayao Bus Terminal.

Google Map of Phayao Bus Terminal

Chiang Mai Bus Station

Bus services from Phayao to Chiang Mai terminate at Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3.

Google Map of Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3

About Travel to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a popular destination for foreign and domestic tourists, and there are lots of reasons for its popularity.

History of Chiang Mai

First and foremost, Chiang Mai is an historic city whose walled Old Town area was established in 1296 as the new capital of the Lanna Kingdom which once controlled much of Northern Thailand.

Temples in the Old Town

The compact Old Town has a defensive moat and a partially intact city wall on four sides, and contains 30 temples, some of which date back to the founding of the city. Of these 30 temples, 4 in particular are very popular with tourists:

  • Wat Phra Singh: Established in the 14th Century, this temple has a large golden chedi tower and a wooden prayer hall.
  • Wat Chedi Luang: This is the temple of the great chedi, which partially collapsed in 1545 but is still impressive and part of a very large temple complex.
  • Wat Lok Moli: Is another old temple but its main attraction is the beautifully reconstructed Lanna style wooden temple building completed in 2003.
  • Wat Chiang Man: This is the oldest temple in the city, and its ornate chedi tower marks the spot where King Mangrai camped whilst his new capital was under construction.
Shrine Hall at Wat Loki Moli in Chiang Mai
Shrine Hall at Wat Loki Moli in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai compared to Bangkok

Anther reason why Chiang Mai is so popular is because of its fantastic hotels, restaurants and bars. The city is cheaper and more accessible than Bangkok and generally better value for money. The nightlife in Chiang Mai is good as well and is varied enough to suit a wide range of age groups and backgrounds.

Nightlife in Chiang Mai

Younger travellers can enjoy a night out in the Old Town, whose bars and restaurants have more of a bohemian feel. Families will enjoy the outdoor food stall dining experience and entertainment at one of Chiang Mai’s many night markets, such as the Anusarn Market located on the Chang Klan Road. For a more traditional Thailand beer bar then head to the Loi Kroh Road.

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