Wat Hong Thong, Chachoengsao

Wat Hong Thong is unique temple constructed on a platform over the sea located near the border between Samut Prakan and Chachoengsao Provinces.

  • Opening hours: 06:00 to 20:00 every day
  • Entrance Fee: Free

About Wat Hong Thong

Wat Hong Thong is located at the end of side road leading 2 km from Sukhumvit Road to the sea front. It’s an easy stop on route from Bangkok to Pattaya and close to some great sea food restaurants. One of the things that is special Wat Hong Thong is the area that is located in. The coast in this part of Thailand has a thick fringe of Mangrove forest which you can see clearly from the temple.

Access to the Temple

To enter the temple you should drive down the causeway to newly constructed Wat Hong Thong Hotel and park there. The temple is only accessible by walking along a covered pier leading to the platform where the temple is located. As you drive down the causeway you will pass the start of the pier where the accommodation of the monks is located, all over the water like the temple itself.

Wat Hong Thong is located on the coast between Bangkok and Pattaya
Wat Hong Thong is located on the coast between Bangkok and Pattaya

The portion of Wat Hong Thong that is open to visitors has two parts.

First Level of the Temple

The first part you come to is a three level pagoda, known as the Phrathat Khongkha Mahachedi in Thai (Ganges Grand Pagoda). The first level contains statues of the Lord Buddha. One of the statues is a copy of the revered Luang Pho Buddhist Sothon image of the Lord Buddha. The original is enshrined in Wat Sothonwararam, also in Chachoengsao Province.

Second Level of the Temple

The second level of the stupa has some interesting wax statues of the Lord Buddha, a copy of the famous Emerald Buddha currently kept in the temple of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, and paintings of the current and past Kings of Thailand. The top floor has a terrace with excellent sea and coastal views, along with a golden stupa which you can enter. Religious relics are kept inside the roof of the golden stupa.

Ordination Hall

The other building you can enter into at Wat Hong Thong is its smaller ordination hall. This Central Thai style ordination hall is beautifully decorated inside and out. The interior features wall and ceiling paintings depicting scenes from the life of the Lord Buddha. The main Buddha image is a scaled down copy of another famous statue of the Lord Buddha, the Phra Phuttha Chinnarat, the original of which is enshrined at Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat in Phitsanulok.

Location of Wat Hong Thong

  • Wat Hong Thong is located 65 km by road from Bangkok and 94.9 km by road from Pattaya City.

Google Map of Wat Hong Thong

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