What is a good wood to use in Thailand to make a new floor in my Sala?

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I have an old wooden sala in my garden in Hua Hin. The structure supporting the roof is in a good condition, but the floor has rotted and in places eaten eaten by termites. I want to replace it, what wood should I use?

Reply from Thailand Info

We suggest using ‘mai dang’ (Thai Red Wood). This is a very durable wood and much cheaper than Teak. It is grown in Thailand.

Thai Red Wood

The Thai redwood tree can grow to 40 metres in height and around 1.5 metres in diameter. This tree is often used in Thailand for heavy construction on the railways because it is so large and tough (as well as cheap).

Treating the Wood

Make sure you treat the wood well with insecticide and stain or a water soluble waterproofing treatment. If the wood is outside an oil based varnish will simply wash off in the rain after a few months.

Thai red wood
Thai red wood

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