What is the best way to grow bougainvillea from a cutting?

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I have a garden in Thailand and I want to grow more bougainvillea from cuttings. I have tried several times and failed. What is the best way to grow bougainvillea from a cutting?

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The best way to do it is to grow the new roots of the cutting whilst the cutting remains on the branch of the tree. When the new roots have sprouted then detach the cutting from the tree.

Preparing the Branch

The way you do this is to take a scalpel or sharp knife and strip a 3 cm wide layer of bark off the bottom part of the branch you intend to use as a cutting.

Paint Rooting Chemical on The Branch

Then paint rooting chemical on the exposed wood of the branch. Around this fix a plastic bag of damp coconut chips or other wood chips. Make sure the coconut chip is touching the exposed wood of the branch and that the plastic is firmly tied around the branch so that the moisture doesn’t escape from the bag. leave it for a month or so, topping up the water weekly.

After 1 Month Take the Cutting from The Branch

After a month the branch should have rooted into the coconut chip. You then cut the branch below the plastic bag, and do not remove the plastic bag then until you have the cutting placed in the soil. Remove the bag very carefully to avoid damaging the young roots and plant the coconut chips with the cutting.

Growing cuttings from a bougainvillea
Growing cuttings from a bougainvillea

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