What is the cheapest way to travel from Chiang Mai Airport to Chiang Mai town?

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Are there any buses running from Chiang Mai Airport into the town. I am on my own and want to travel as cheaply as possible?

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There is no bus service from Chiang Mai Airport into Chiang Mai itself.

Two Options

You have two options: either a taxi for a fixed fare of 120 THB for any destination in Chiang Mai old town or nearby locations, or leave the airport ground by walking and pick up a Songthaew. A Songthaew is converted pick up truck with two rows of seats in the back and a metal cover.

Walk From Chiang Mai Airport to the Main Road

Chiang Mai Airport isn’t very big and from the departure terminal it is only a short walk to the main road. I suggest when at the main road cross over and turn right. If you aren’t having much luck flagging down a Songthaew walk about 600 metres in the same direction to the intersection where there will be loads of traffic. Expect to pay around 40 THB to get into the Old Town. If you do not really know which area you want to go to just say Pratu Tha Phae (Tha Phae Gate in Thai) and they will drop you in the Old Town where there are lots of affordable guest houses and take it from there.

Chiang Mai Airport
Chiang Mai Airport

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