Where are the best Korean Restaurants in Bangkok?

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I want to eat Korean food in Bangkok. Where should I go?

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Try ‘Korea Town’, which is the local name for the Sukumvit Plaza on the corner of Soi 12 and the Sukhumvit Road.

Korea Town

There are around 40 Korean Restaurants and food outlets on 3 levels. The reputedly best of these is Myeong Ga. Apparently (and I am not an expert in Korean food) it is the quality of the side dishes that sets it apart. Anyhow, it is the most popular of the Korea Town restaurants.

Myeong Ga in Korea Town
Myeong Ga in Korea Town
Lots of Restaurants to Choose From

If you can’t get in Myeong Ga, there are plenty of similar restaurants just next door all serving roughly the same menu, which is Korean BBQ and Bibimbab (a rice dish) with various side dishes. When I was last there in 2013 the prices where around 300 to 500 THB for the BBQ set depending on whether you had chicken or beef.

Korean Fried Chicken

If you fancy something entirely different, you could try the also very popular Salroman which does Korean fried chicken with sauce at around 200 THB (again 2013 prices) per 250 gram portion served with free side dishes.

Salroman in Korea Town
Salroman in Korea Town
Location of Korea Town

Google Map of Korea Town

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