Where can I buy rolling tobacco in Udon Thani?

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Where can I buy Western style rolling tobacco in Udon Thani? None of the 7-Eleven stores in Udon Thani seem to sell it and the only rolling tobacco I can find is the cheap Thai bad rolling tobacco which tastes awful.

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There is one place in Udon Thani where you can buy Western brand rolling tobacco and its called the ‘Tang Tien Yieng’ shop located on the corner of the Pho Si Road and the southern part of the Susuttha Road in Udon City Centre, 170 metres walking distance from Udon Thani Immigration Office, 3.5 km by road to the east of Nong Prajak Park and 1.3 km walking distance to the west of Udon Thani Bus Terminal 1. Navigating your way on foot to the tobacco shop is really easy. Just go to the large road (the Pho Si Road) which runs from the east through Udon City Centre and follow the signs pointing towards Nong Prajak Park. You can also hop on any shared taxi plying this main road towards the town centre for 10 THB and save yourself a healthy 16 minute walk for the bus station. If you are walking there from the east then it is useful to know that the tobacco shop is located after the big roundabout.

Rolling tobacco shop in Udon Thani
Rolling tobacco shop in Udon Thani

The Tang Tien Yieng shop is a liquor store selling a great range of foreign and domestic beers, wines and spirits. They also sell a full range of tobacco products. The rolling tobacco costs 360 THB for a 50 gram pack of a brand like Drum or Van Nelle. They also sell good quality Western brand rolling papers for 15 THB a pack. If you are a pipe smoker then this is also the shop you should come to as they sell pipe tobacco as well.

Location of the Tobacco Shop in Udon Thani

Google Map of the Tobacco Shop in Udon Thani

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