Where can I leave my suitcases whilst I visit Chatuchak weekend market?

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I am going to visit Chatuchak weekend market, however, we will have suitcases with us. Is there anywhere we can leave them whilst we walk around because we don’t want to carry them with us?

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Yes there is. If you go down into the Chatuchak Park MRT (subway) station on the Phahonyothin Road using the entrance on the opposite the ticket barriers you will see Metro Mall.

Inside Metro Mall there is a shoe shop which provides a <strong>left luggage service
Inside Metro Mall there is a shoe shop which provides a left luggage service

Just inside Metro Mall to the right there is a shoe shop. You can’t miss the shoe shop because it is the only shop in Metro Mall which is not selling goods and clothes for gamers. The lady at this shop offers a left luggage service for 40 THB a bag. She will give you a ticket. This is very handy because most people visiting the market as they can deposit their bag when they arrive by subway and pick it up again when they leave.

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