Where can I meet other gamers in bangkok?

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I am going to study for a year in Bangkok. This may sound geeky but I am a hardcore gamer and I want to know where I can meet other gamers in Bangkok whilst I am there.

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There are a number of places you can go. For a start try heading down to Metro Mall which is an underground mall by the entrance to Chatuchak Park MRT (underground) station.

Entrance to Metro Mall
Entrance to Metro Mall
A Mall For Gamers

There is a shoe shop, and a cafe, but all the other retail outlets down in this mall are dedicated to gamers: clothes, figures, cards, board games and software. There are also some gaming tables at the back of the mall. I am not sure what they were playing but there were quite a few people there last time I visited (which was a Sunday). I saw some foreigners as well playing with the Thais.

Near Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Park MRT is the public transport access point to Chatuchak weekend market which is well worth a visit at the same time as checking out Metro Mall. Its a 5 minute walk away and there is plenty going on in there (free admission). They have some great food stalls serving Western and Thai food of all varieties inside the market.

Location of Metro Mall at Chatuchak Park MRT Station

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