Where is a good hotel to stay near Tina Bar in Bangkok?

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Can you recommend a hotel to stay near Tina Bar in Sukhumvit?

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Tina Bar is on Soi 22 off the Sukhumvit Road.

Admiral Suites Bangkok is 450 metres from Tina Bar

Try the Admiral Suites Bangkok which is just up the road also on Soi 22.

It costs around 1,799 THB per night for a studio room. I like the Admiral Suites because the rooms are big (37 sqm) with balconies and a small kitchen area. The rooms are well decorated and equipped: comfy bed, big TV with lots of channels, microwave, hot plate and free WiFi. You can’t really go wrong.

Admiral Suites in Bangkok
Admiral Suites in Bangkok
Apartment Building

This isn’t quite the same as staying in a hotel – it is more like an apartment building and you will feel like you are staying in your own apartment. No silly rules about who you can bring back to the room with you either and no attempts are made to charge you extra if you get ‘lucky’. There is also a pool and fitness room. A good deal all round I feel.

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