Where is good to stay in Udon Thani near the train station?

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I have an early morning train from Udon Thani to Bangkok. Where is good to stay near the train station in Udon Thani?

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I recommend the Charoen Hotel in Udon Thani town centre. Rooms cost about 1,000 THB a night and the hotel is 1,100 metres walking distance from the train station.

front of hotel
Chareon Hotel in Udon Thani
This Hotel Has a Lot of History

The Charoen Hotel is the oldest luxury hotel in Udon Thani dating back to the 1960s and the Vietnam war. The Americans used to have a military airfield in Udon Thani. Fortunately, the hotel has been updated since that time and nicely decorated rooms with good air-conditioning, free WiFi and satellite TV.

Restaurant and Swimming Pool

The best thing about the hotel though is the catering and outdoor swimming pool/bar area. The restaurant can produce very good food – they do a lot of catering for functions – at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I find very little to complain about at this extremely reasonably priced hotel and few reasons to need to venture outside the hotel after I check in.

Getting to The Train Station

If you have lots of bags, the reception at the Chareon Hotel can sort you out a very reasonably priced taxi in the morning for the short trip to the train station.

Another Option

The Kavinburi Green Hotel is closer (about 350 metres) and a bit more expensive at around 1,600 THB.

Route Map from the Charoen Hotel to Udon Thani Train Station

  • Walking distance from Charoen Hotel to Udon Thani Train Station: 1,100 metres
  • Walking time from Charoen Hotel to Udon Thani Train Station: 13 minutes

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