WTF is that? Part 2: ‘Angel Bug’ on my balcony

Angel Bug Front
I have named this the ‘Angel Bug’

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If you live in Thailand, especially if you live near or in a jungle, you get lots of insects (most harmless) coming onto your balcony at night. After a while you notice a few familiar species that keep on coming back. However, this particular insect neither myself or my Thai wife (a girl who grew up in the Thai countryside) had ever seen before. I have tried to find it in books and on the internet and I have come across nothing similar. In the absence of a proper scientific name I am naming it the ‘Angel Bug’.

Angel Bug Side
The Angel Bug looks like the Stamen of a flower

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The Angel Bug is small. The one I saw was around 2 cm long. It looks like the Stamen of a large flower or a small piece of cotton wool. It is 100% white with a small body of about 1 cm in length and 20 mm wide with four wings and what looks a tail feather. Hard to spot, and even harder to photograph. it is incredibly beautiful. This one came out at night so I figure they are nocturnal. If anyone knows what it is then e-mail me.

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